Rebuilding Game / Make Good Decisions / Make 200NL by 2018

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Rebuilding Game / Make Good Decisions / Make 200NL by 2018

My goal is to make 200NL by the end of 2018. I am a 35 yr old poker player from the UK and love the game. I got taken by the theory train and ended up wasting a shit ton of time and making a ton of bad decisions in game. A mix of trying to force aggression against regs who wouldn't fold (at the end of the day its not an excuse to claim they are bad players its my fault for playing badly against them) and spending lots of time in flopzilla / cr ev which ended up confusing my thoughts in game and me making tons of bad decisions based on how the average opponent was playing. Also i took on coaching from a mid stakes reg who was so far ahead of me in terms of being able to range people in game that i ended up misapplying lots of the stuff i learnt. By failing so hard i reached a point where i said to myself "your not doing it right! There must be another way."

Anyway I took a break from poker and had to a chance to think about things. I got engaged to my gf which was awesome and am really happy to have found her. I don't play professionally and work a day job to support myself in the winter (building work) and in the summer i run a beach as a RNLI lifeguard which i love. However, i am now super motivated to get really good and be able to provide extra money for the family doing something i love. After a break i decided to start playing for fun again and felt fresh and excited to play again, then i came across Nick Howard's channel and it was definitely a turning point in terms of my game. I have recently been studying really hard and its opened my eyes to how i needed to change my game. I have scrapped flopzilla and CR EV, now i do all my study in a one note notebook. Its refreshing and i am loving playing again. Starting off at the bottom 10NL. Lets run this thing up. Bring it on.

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