TPTK vs raise in multiway pot

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TPTK vs raise in multiway pot

Blinds: t80/t160 (9 Players) BN: 9,368
SB: 9,222 (Hero)
BB: 14,111
UTG: 9,968
UTG+1: 5,416
MP: 39,044
MP+1: 17,453
MP+2: 6,063
CO: 8,690
Preflop (240) Hero is SB with A Q
UTG raises to 364, 6 folds, Hero calls 284, BB calls 204
Flop (1,236) 6 Q 9
Hero checks, BB checks, UTG bets 488, Hero calls 488, BB raises to 1,315, UTG folds, Hero calls 827
Do you c/r / get it in vs utg here? I think i dont want to stack off here 60 BB deep vs utg range. There are not much worser hands that call a raise here except KQ and some QJ hands.

BB can have a lot of Q9, Q6,96 2pair combos since his preflop calling range should be wide here.
His range also contains 99 66 and some FD´s or OESD.
But we cannot fold the flop to this small raise here.
Turn (4,354) 6 Q 9 5
Hero checks, BB bets 2,105, Hero folds
On the Turn a potential 87 straight draw makes the straight. But most people only call the flop with naked 87o here. Do u think we can fold the turn? I think most people check back the JT FD part of his range and only bet the strong 2pair/set. It also feels like if we call turn we always get a shove on any river, so calling turn and fold river is not really an option

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