QdQs 400 deep 6 handed, 15 straddle pot

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QdQs 400 deep 6 handed, 15 straddle pot

I'm UTG 6 handed with 400 in a live 1/3 game with a 10+5 straddle with a 525 stack good player who may be LAG and shoved 300 preflop early on never got called and then shoved AI with AT TPTK.
I call the straddle with Qd Qs, good player 325 folds, tightish older reg, button with 385 raises to 63, deep stack player w 650 and doesn't play many hands folds, straddle folds. I flat the 48.
Flop: AdKc3c, I check, he checks
Turn: AdKc3c7c, chk/chk
River, AdKc3c7c8d chk/chk
I've seen the button open other hands to 18 or AQs to 30. I think I can bet the river for value but I don't think his range is wide enough that I can 3 bet QQ here. After the hand button berates me for not felting him but I think this is like the bottom of his range. Even if he is opening AQ, AK, TT here it seems his range is not vulnerable
I should have opened QQ here but if villain's range is wider I don't know if I can cbet and it's interesting out of position. I'm concerned I never get value and increased opening freq this session.

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