Size ott in BN 3-w

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Size ott in BN 3-w

I limped in button 3-w but blind raised pre sort of large and he was semi short stacked. Another limper in HJ called that bet w/ same stack.
I decided to call w/ 57o cause of position and fact that one of players could play for stacks in this hand, maybe even both of them..
When HJ folds raise I easily fold pre...
Players are timid and play straightforward
Blinds are 5 10($1 $2) straddle is 20, BB raised pre to 80.

Flop (270): 4♡ 6♡ 8d

BB bets 140, HJ calls 140...
I asked BB how much he has left, response was 475. HJ had ~ 700 more, I cover both.

How do you proceed?
What cards do you put both players at?
Nb currency <> USD

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