value bluff ratios

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value bluff ratios

i made an excel sheet to fill in while i'm playing. i found something like it in a post here somewhere. just wondering if what i'm trying to do even makes sense . i want to try to get my bets balanced between bluffs and value. only been filling it in for 1 1/2 pot bets and 2x pot bets so far.

i only fill it in when i can have the nuts and my opponent cant. or when its very close to this situation. i ignore bets made against fish as i'm looking to exploit much more then. looks like i'm pretty unbalanced from my results so far. except for 2x pot on the river. is that how it should look to be balanced yeah?

what sort of ratio should i be looking for on the turn? if i used nut hands and bluffs with v low equity?

i only play a couple of tables so its easy for me to keep track of. hoping this makes sense so far. just wondering what else i need to think of to make this useful (if it can be) or what i've missed out in my thinking to make it work

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