Playin' Spin&Go $7-15 and want to get higher

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Playin' Spin&Go $7-15 and want to get higher

Hi, folks! My name is Sergei and I'm kinda new RIO member. Living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, playing semi-professional SpinNgos from beginning of 2016, member of one of russian Spin-stables. For now started play these games full-time and wanna climb on 60s in future 8-10 months. Also thinking about to stream on twich my game, so it will be great if people will like it (for now have no experience with this type of sh## ))
If anybody here playing same games or have aim to climb on higher level at SNGs - you are very welcome in my (should I say "blog" or may be "thread") topic.

Right now I have not such great results (based on me chEV in November, it was sucking 40 per game), but I worked a lot and continue to work on my base strategy/theory etc. One of the main aspects of this discipline that I understood last few months - to keep your balls tight and keep going even when it's hard to.

Of course I plan to post some graphics or reports if it will be interesting for somebody - especially for those of you guys who are not disappointed in my written english)) But it's funny that I see that most of russian (and ex-soviet union country citizens additionally) try to apologize for it, so we will not break this tradition ;-)

P.S. Still have no active subscription to RIO - is here any good videos about 3max and HU in shallow stacks? May be not Spins but HU hyper-turbo or fundamental staff useful for game understanding and evolving "poker mind" in this way?
Stay tuned and good luck at tables, peace!

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