(125bb)TP+Gutshot on 4bet pot, Suited Flop

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(125bb)TP+Gutshot on 4bet pot, Suited Flop

Blinds: $5.00/$10.00 (6 Players) CO: $2541.15
BN: $1283.51 (Hero)
SB: $1000.00
BB: $1234.28
UTG: $1013.07
MP: $1284.32
Preflop ($15.00) Hero is BN with 7 8 J Q
UTG folds, MP raises to $30.00, CO folds, Hero raises to $105.00, 2 folds, MP raises to $330.00, Hero calls $225.00
Flop ($675.00) 9 4 Q
MP bets $370.00, Hero folds
Final Pot MP wins $672.00
Rake is $3.00

Hi guys, I guess this is a "simple" equity problem but I'm a bit new in the plo scene :D I just happened to see this awesome (only 3regs) table and decided to take a shot.

Villain is a decent regular, we've played some hands at lower levels as well. Solid standard reg, I can't say much else about him.
If I'm facing AAxx I run a simulation and I have over 50% equity, we need about 36% equity to be able to go allin. Do you ever considered just calling? Anyways, my doubt is that against certain combos we're extremely dominated, will that "domination" ever be able to make our equity run below 36%? Now that I think about the hand out of the game I guess it should have been an allin, there's just a lot of equity gap from 36% to 50%.
1- How much equity exactly do you estimate that I have against his range?
2- Worst case scenario?
3- Best case scenario?
4- Do you ever consider just calling the flop?

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