Flop Check Raises with Nut Draw Blockers.

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Flop Check Raises with Nut Draw Blockers.

So i'm relatively new to PLO, and have a few ideas in HU PLO that I'm not quite sure how to explore. If anyone can point me in the right direction on how to explore these more in depth, it'd be greatly appreciated. I've been trying to construct some check raise ranges on different textures and something I'm having a tough time with is showing up with enough bluffs on later streets.

An example would be a flop of Ts 7s 3h. On this texture i would be check raising with sets, combo draws, nut flush draws, pair+ straight draws, with mixed frq (probably not x/r top set too often). However, on certain turn cards, our range becomes so strong, assuming V is clairvoyant about our x/r strat, V can just exploitatively fold his entire range weaker than sets, let's say, since we only have sets/flushes, etc.

What other hands can we mix in at lower frequency so we can still have bluffs on let's say a Js turn? Can we x/r a hand like As 8h 8d x where on spade turns, we can still bluff with the Nut flush blocker? Is this too weak? Or what hands can we mix in that are weak enough, but with enough equity such that the EV of x/r > EV of flatting? Also,what sorts of backdoors make good candidates for a check raise? I'm worried that my check raise range may become too wide if we include too many backdoor draws..Also, how do we regulate our frq's with these backdoor draws?

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