[PL10] - wierd board runout, decisions w EQ ott

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[PL10] - wierd board runout, decisions w EQ ott

Villain a loose reg that doesn’t grasp preflop concepts too well.

Thought process:
P: looser open, could definitely find a fold here in a different scenario. But BTN and SB 3b rly narrow and BB is a fish.
F: cbet for value. Reg xr and his range here is QT, sets, wraps, pair+combodraw. He has all the wraps bcs his blind 3b is 1% over decent sample. I did an adhoc estimation with equilab and it seems we should call. I am not sure. Maybe a detailed range breakdown in PJ would show different results.
T: Turn gives us ridic amount of outs but also completes some of his draws. If we are not up against a set or higher fd we have 17 clear out. I decided to call based on that. Raising AI makes no sense. We have no FE and mostly we are putting in the money behind when he calls(and he alw cls imo). Could be that I am bit optimistic in this spot.

1.) Is flop a call vs his xr if his raising range is rly narrow as described?
2.) I was positive ingame turn is a call and I am wondering if anyone can prove different?


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