[PL10] - Wrap decision otf

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[PL10] - Wrap decision otf

Guys limping are 70+ vpip passive whales. Villain raising is 45/17.

Thought process:
P: I am not completely sure here. We have a pretty good hand, but it will go mw most of the time and only quality it has is some sort of connectedness.
F: We flop a 13out wrap. Villain pot cbets and whale flats. We are usually up against a rly strong range here or at least we should be. I was thinking about shipping because of one guy overcalling but I don’t know which has the higher EV - peeling and stacking on decent turns or just stacking of. It didn't instinctively feel optimal. We are oop which makes our decision harder ott if we hit.
T: We pickup additional outs with our fd and we have sufficient EQ to stack off.

1. Can we stack our wrap otf?
2. When we call flop and hit T should we be donk shoving here?

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