PLO: how to play top set on coordinated boards?

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PLO: how to play top set on coordinated boards?

Home Game, full table, incredibly good action. Not one tricky/creative player in the lineup, most people play bad, call too much, draw to non nut hands, draw on paired boards to flushes, call pre with any pair trying to hit sets...dream game. Horse is new to PLO, trying to get him to crush in this soft lineup.

Game is structured this way: straddle on button 15 to 25, and no blinds. PLO 10 handed LIVE game. Buy-in: 1000 min, max, most players sit 3-5k deep.

Hand 1;
Hero: 2300 Jc10c9h9s
Hero is UTG+3, limp calls open for 100. Flop is seen 7 ways.
Flop: 6d7d9s
Flop Action: Checks through to button, fires 500, (3000 behind), now on hero, 2 players fold to us, we have 2100, 4 players remain behind to act.
What is best plan for this situation?

Hand 2:
Hero 4200; AcAh3cKh
Hero opens Preflop to 150, flop is taken 3 ways, hero is in middle position.
Seating in Order and Chip Stacks. Player A: 5500, Hero: 4200, Player B 4300. Both opponents are loose, parlay see 75% joke.
Flop: As7h8c.
Checks to hero, leads for 400, flatted by both opponents.
Turn: As7h8c, 9s. Pot: 1685
Action: Player A opens for 1200.
Remarks: What is best plan here for our hero? Is it correct to fold?

Thanks for opinions/analysis/insight!

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