Where did all the PLO challenges go?

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Where did all the PLO challenges go?

Some months ago, the moderator joanna started a thread in which he or she claimed that mcir Zoom PLO on stars is beatable despite the high rake and the invetible high variance of the format in general. Some other user tried this BR challenge too but canceled it after a while stating that it is either too expensive bc of the rake or not worth it for him personally as its less value per hour.

So I would really like some of the progress.

I ofc more or less try these challenges too but I have to admit I dont know whether PLO is even worth playing.

It usually follows the same pattern: I deposit an amount that makes me able to play relativly well without risk of losing this br, usually 40BI ++. I grind a couple of thousands hadsn, win up to 20BI which seems great.

But then the downswing happens and alotugh I manage not to tilt in a manner that affects my game. In fact, I even play tighter when I lose, rather make tight folds than loose calls and usually play a lowvariance style. yet, there are too many spots where ppl seem to hit very gutter, flop trips in 4bet pots etc. I still seem to stumble and fall, usually follwoing a straight downswign of 15-25BI. This pattern is enourmously discouraging and frustrating as it always feels like you kind of "figured it out"

So my question, and it would be great if some could share his or her experience witihn these stakes is. Is variance really that high even when edges are big? Is it indeed beatable postrake?

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