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congrats on team RIO !!

Sept. 22, 2017 | 3:44 a.m.

July 15, 2017 | 10:54 p.m.

Gl with book!!

July 14, 2017 | 10:17 a.m.

July 7, 2017 | 8:47 p.m.

Remember main objective in life is to procreate.

June 8, 2017 | 10:09 p.m.

Comment | Dddogkillah commented on Pio Output

Is this right?

Probably get more conclusions with EQ/EV tab and range explorer, vs internet forum xD

June 6, 2017 | 11:53 p.m.

Comment | Dddogkillah commented on Specifically Poker

fuk yah! addressed dem haters too xD
Keep it reall bro :D

June 6, 2017 | 6:49 p.m.

min raise seems hellah splashy preflop xD

June 6, 2017 | 10:20 a.m.

Comment | Dddogkillah commented on Rec to Regular?

gl dude!!
Welcome to RIO

June 5, 2017 | 11:56 p.m.


June 2, 2017 | 11:04 p.m.

Simple 3 way interesting, this a standalone thing or does it run off simple?
Cool wish I had a i7 xD

June 1, 2017 | 2:54 p.m.

I check allot and use relative position when I can. Allot of the time there will be weaker people in mw cc spots and id be using a more polarized range with a larger sizing some times just value betting. Obv position will be a thing.

June 1, 2017 | 2:51 p.m.

interesting post!

May 30, 2017 | 11:30 p.m.

I have no problem CBing with a smaller sizing, but turn should be check back. Pretty good bluff catcher on alot of run outs.

May 29, 2017 | 2:21 p.m.

Comment | Dddogkillah commented on Zoom NL50 Variance

be nice to be on the other side of that xD

May 28, 2017 | 1:32 p.m.

I would three bet or fold pre

May 27, 2017 | 10:18 p.m.

Population reads, hand histories with hole cards

May 27, 2017 | 12:23 a.m.

gl Douggy!

May 26, 2017 | 8:32 p.m.

Comment | Dddogkillah commented on Specifically Poker

Dude it was all Harrington dont kid yourself xD

Harrington was my first poker book ever :D

May 25, 2017 | 10:14 p.m.

Comment | Dddogkillah commented on Bluffing with 88

I dont think you have much fold equity, id expect allot of TP+, OSED, GS, and some BDFD's being bet on the flop. OTT most his one pair hands have a GS to boot. Doutful you get folds from FD's with the C/C donk line. I dont like it honestly, c/cing flop is close.

I also like sizing up preflop, and betting small on the flop to make life easy.

May 23, 2017 | 11:56 p.m.

Comment | Dddogkillah commented on Specifically Poker

Graphs before and after the courses plz.


May 23, 2017 | 11:11 p.m.

Im sure 'GTO' calls turn plays mixed strat on river.
I wonder if we can explo fold turn?
Pretty dynamic turn card, and might be underbluffed and value bet by IP and pool in general.

May 23, 2017 | 12:35 a.m.

Try filtering videos by most popular, same with threads

May 22, 2017 | 11:33 p.m.

Comment | Dddogkillah commented on Specifically Poker

Yes, his work is top notch and im sure allot of work is going into these new products. Honestly I don't think allot of you realize how many hours goes into the hybrid MDA/PIO work he is doing.
For example

Standard Line Metrics

Looks like he is giving away all the NV work+ here.

I am as disappointed as the next RIO elite member that isnt going to get that taste. xD

May 22, 2017 | 11:30 p.m.

Comment | Dddogkillah commented on Specifically Poker

coper needs a hobby xD
I might post a data consuming gif this thread has been so de railed.

May 22, 2017 | 10:59 p.m.

Turn is fine imo, flop CB could be a bit bigger on these boards we smash, I think I check back river with my non 0 SD value.

May 22, 2017 | 10:52 p.m.

Remove all that from equation and play for a set amount of time.
Stop loss could work wonders to if you make bad decisions after losing allot of bb's.

May 19, 2017 | 11:01 p.m.

ZenFish recently made the transition, hopefully he pipes in.
Gl dude!
Im sure he will be in the dive into PiOLand camp ;D

May 19, 2017 | 10:35 p.m.

Comment | Dddogkillah commented on QQ 4bet pot IP

A) No
B) No
C) id call turn evaluate river, not that villain should have much 4x in range im sure you will see AA/KK a bit...

May 19, 2017 | 10:31 p.m.

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