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When I play online since I have 4-6 tables normally I won't get bored even if I go card dead but when I'm playing live poker I've noticed that I start playing cards that you normally shouldn't play and start making mistakes when I'm 2-3 hours into a session. Do you guys have any tips or any advice when going card dead playing live? I'll appreciate it. I've been playing more online poker the past month and I can totally tell that when I'm playing live after I play one of those hands that end up getting you in tough spots I asked my self what the hell I'm I doing... and I normally just finish the session and go home. I would like to start playing longer sessions but I'm afraid I will just get out of the mind set after a few hours in.



Jan. 16, 2017 | 9:04 p.m.

Today I was playing 1/2 nl and I got into 2 situation that were similar but with different cards... The first one I was holding KQo on the button and raised to 6, folds around to bb that has been playing tight and he raised to 10. I think for a bit and called... I flopped the nuts flop came ATJ rainbow BB bets 20 I raised to 45 he shipped it all in for $110 I snap called he showed A4s... turn card was 4 and the river was a 4 as well... How would've you played this hand ?? Did I messed up on something ???

Second situation after doubling up 25 min after that hand. I picked up 7's on the button and flat called a raised to 10 that the lady on mp2 put, big blinds flats as well. The flop came A7T two hearts. bb checks lady bets 20 I raised 45 bb folds she moved all in for another 75 bucks I believed. I went into the tank for about 2 and half minutes and called. flop was a 2 and river another T that gave her 10 full of aces.... After this hand I walked away.... Any advice or tips on this 2 situations ?? I would appreciate it.

Happy holidays!!!

Dec. 26, 2016 | 9:57 p.m.

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