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Im actually still thinking about this but I have the most respect for RUS Timur and I feel he has been the best player at nl200 for over 1 year now.

Jan. 17, 2017 | 4:32 p.m.

Back from the Bahamas
Back on the plane, back writing, great trip, lots of fun. I gotta say this was the best poker trip I've had to date, I've grown as a poker player and a person and made responsible choices at the tables or off (no playing in the pit), drinking and partying outside of work time, being fresh at the tables etc... The cash games were great and a lot of fun. I only played the main event as tournaments, busting in the final hands of day 1 to Gaelle Baumann, hand goes like this : Rec player (who does not know when to post blinds and the difference between raise and call) opens to 1600 (blinds 400-800 a100) BTN 3bets to 5100, I cold 4 bet the BB to 15300 holding KhKs with 33k behind (I realize my sizing is a bit big and I'm probably never folding to a jam so I could have sized down a bit to which I did think about but opted for a bigger sizing given SPR, players involved and table image) open raiser folds and she calls after asking me how much I have behind, flop is ThJhQx, I check, she bet 10k (at this point I am getting direct odds on a call vs her range which is probably super strong and narrow but am obv not thrilled) I call, turn is a 3h which gives me a flush draw, I check, she jams and I reluctantly call... She had AKo no heart, river was a brick. I keep thinking if I had just folded the flop I would have 33bb for day 2 in an overall weak field... #resultoriented.
On another note, had a lot fun with friends, at the beach, the pool, at the bars or the tables, good times, good places to visit, Bahamas is an overall great place. On the other hand, the hosts, Pokerstars has fucked up the poker world with their new rules and regulations on pretty much everything.... I really wanted to play open faced Chinese poker just for fun and gamble at 5$ or 10$ a point but Pokerstars were charging us 200$/hour for a table which is completely ridiculous given there was 2 to 4 unoccupied tables at any given moment in time with a dealer sitting, doing nothing and getting paid for it. The overall reason Pokerstars were doing this was to ''protect'' players (Negreanu quote? lol). They said that ofc involves a lot of variance and this affects traffic at the poker tables so the wanted to discourage it... I dont know about that... The rake was also pretty high, for every game from 1-2 to 5-10 it was 3$ on the flop no matter the action (that means if you are playing 1-2 and the entire table folds, you limp SB and the BB checks, the pot is now 1$) then 1$@20, 1$@40 and 1$@60 for a total of 6$ cap per pot. The 10-25 was timed rake 10$/player/30mins (which was not bad). The free Pokerstars party was not free after 11pm, the cash games closed every day at 4am and ended on Saturday the 14th at 9pm, nothing was free for the players (5$ for a bad coffee is somewhat of a ripoff... Could of at least given free juice, coffee, water, soda to cash game and tournament players imo). I played a total of 42 hours at the live tables and this affected my overall online volume and quality of play.
For my goals, I did not get nearly as much online volume that I wanted, playing in a hotel room with a laptop is not the best set up, I did manage to play roughly 11k hands since Jan 1st, I studied a lot to replace time not spent online at the tables, tournaments and cash games, reviewing hands daily with friends by the pool or at the beach which also helped a bunch. Went to the gym almost every day and jogging at least once per day. The food situation was not the best but I did manage to eat as healthy as I could. At the tables I had one single session down and I think running several top range hands into better ones affected me and made me play one hand very poorly and lost 150bb in a SRP. Other than that I played very well overall at the live tables. I am clearly not satisfied by my level of online play or volume, I don't want to give myself excuses but I running somewhat bad and hotel set up did affect me. Need better focus on the hardest games rating my overall online play as very poor, which is unacceptable.

Obv this sample is very small but last year I had a total of three 10 buy in downswings and every time it was very hard, it sucks to start the year off like this but this is what I am faced with and must deal with it. This affects many aspects of my life every time it happens and in turn, affects my play, many questions come to mind, the money lost is not much, but what is to happen if I don't win next week?? And then the week after that?? What do I need to change? To do? etc... And in all honesty time heals all, not changing the way I play, keeping on studying and pushing through, everything will fall into place with time. I will spend a bit more time on the study aspect of my game and try to get the best tables possible with the best state of mind possible while playing them. Playing smaller sessions with more breaks and analyzing hands with every break I take as to not make any mistakes in the next session, small steps, better results but all in all I have played somewhat poorly online and cannot forgive myself for this.
In conclusion I've spent 26 hours online, 18 hours of study and 57 hours live for a total of 101 hours of poker in the first 2 weeks of 2017 which is plenty, not satisfied of online volume or quality and this needs change, next goal is Panama in March, going to give online my all until then.

Jan. 17, 2017 | 4:05 p.m.

Comment | Serge Pouliot commented on River Actions

Hi ULpiano, sorry for late response!
KK - Im pretty sure 33% or even less would be standard sizing hu 100bb deep, now that we are much deeper vs a rec player and 3 way I like a slightly bigger sizing, i think bottom would be 33% and I would even go for more than half pot vs some recs on a dry board (bluffs and values). The reg in the SB does change things and I would have to say that coldcalling 77 and 88 is not standard although there is some merit to doing it when you think the rec player behind will be flatting almost always.
36s - agreed to not raise and to your comment
KTo - I agree with pretty much everything, I think he has a few bluffs at this point on the river (some semi bluffs on turn like 67, QT, AQ etc) I should have mentioned that sorry. Blocking the KK hand I guess doesnt really have any relevance but I counted it just as another hand he could hero call with... (he wrote in chat he was folding 9T, blocking a Th I feel I have more 9T and flushes in my range than his) Having showdown value does affect the hand in general and I gotta say that I dont try very often to make players fold the top of their range and I dont recommend it as a standard play!

Jan. 15, 2017 | 4:19 a.m.

Shaggy! Much respect for your grind! How did you find me? I knew you were a smart grinder, but now that I know you are on RIO, its confirmed. lol. I reviewed the huge bluff I made vs you with friends and we all agree that its totally not necessary and I should just fold turn... happens.... The trip is going really well and we are all having fun. Ty and GL to you to back in Vegas! Hope to see you there this summer.

Jan. 13, 2017 | 6:02 p.m.

Comment | Serge Pouliot commented on River Actions

88 - I agree that he is never (almost never) bluffing this spot, (and if he is, when I jam he almost always calls with better) I did not assume he had 66 in his range tbh and I gave him 1 combo of 57s, (I guess if I give him one combo of 57s I should give him one combo of 66 but the 66 hand seems just so bad to play given it has so little equity and playability) I just think that as played x/c turn with 22, 99, 57 or T7 seems somewhat odd, I understand you want to protect your range but I will be checking back many rivers with my range EP1 vs BB so I think raising turn with T7 and 57 is mandatory given you dont block any sets/pairs, it is possible to flat with 22 and 99 but then again, if we flat 57, T7, 99 and 22 what are our value raises on the turn? I would like to have some value raises with our semi bluffs....? In conclusion I think you are right about me being result oriented and also correct in combo calcs, flatting would be best action (maybe some shoves reserved for some lighter/looser players and recs)
KQo - I agree with everything you said (the hand isnt vs elmu, but thats ok) I still think its very close on the flop if you calc combos but the fact that the rec player in the SB (who might call) is incredibly bad and that we are 121bb deep in a game with antes I have to assume he will have some combos out of range and on river he has to jam all his sets and backdoor flushes so that makes our jam good.
ATo - Already agreed with you in the video! Think its super close and range protection is involved (also I knew he is a super agrro player)
Thanks for the comments!!!

Jan. 13, 2017 | 5:57 p.m.

Comment | Serge Pouliot commented on River Actions

36s - I think this is actually at the bottom of my calling range on the river, I would def be bluff catching some Tx hands at frequency, rather have T9 or T7 than AT blocking some straights vs that sizing and maybe at a very low frequency we can bluff catch with 77 and 99 but if he is overbetting AT, KT I would feel kinda owned...
In his shoes for overbets as bluffs I would use same strategy, using hands that block pairs, sets and straights like 45, 78, 89, 4cXc etc but tbh, CO range vs BB range, the BB has a good range advantage on this board and I would not try anything too fancy in this spot. I understand what he is doing and I don't fault him for it, he will be overbetting his missed draws and he wants to balance those with value hands and KK fits in there (and if he has 2 bluffs for 1 value then his overbet is really good and we need to bluff catch with more hands), I may be more on the conservative side and downsize my bet on river to expand BB calling range (this might get me raised at some frequency but all these statements again are affected by who is in the BB and what you know about this player)

KTo - I def think the standard play in that hand was x/c turn and x/f river, I think it is possible to have gotten the same result with x/c turn and x/r river and def not saying that betting the turn is mandatory but I also dont think its a clear check (I would probably be checking close to 100% if it was HU vs EP1 but then again, I might just fold preflop), we do have top pair decent kicker OP vs 2 players and board is wet so yes, the EP1 player does bother me but there is still the rec on the BTN that I will often get value out of with many holdings.
I think you are giving his range from EP1 too much credit, I feel that he will have many bluffing combos on the turn being open endeds, gutshots and single pairs and also given my range from the BB overcalling I have no AK, KK or JJ and he will be taking that into account, his positional range advantage here is huge and repping it to the fullest is his best option. This is a hand that also involves a lot of meta game vs a reg and I fail to mention this, without a HUD, on a site with no names, this play is horrendous!

Jan. 12, 2017 | 4:32 p.m.

Comment | Serge Pouliot commented on River Actions

Hey gargamel,
I will address the two first spots and come back tomorrow for more, I love that you are involved in this video and would love to review it with anyone willing to participate.
I think the bottom of my bet/call range would be KhXh, opening from MP 6way I think the worst hand I would open would be K8s and to be honest with 2 good regs in the blinds its probably K9s (with a rec in the BB I can go down to K6s), i think bet/calling with hands like open ended back doors and gut shot back doors is also fine which also would be at the bottom.
In my bet 3bet range on this board texture I would like to balance my 3bet call all in with KK, 55 and 44 with combo draws like nut flush draws with gutshots, pair flush draw or open ended flush draws. 3bet folding all in holding backdoor draws and backdoor with a pair of 4 (so that we have folding and calling frequency when he jams as to be balanced, I think I will never be well balanced on this board but we have to find some bluffs to fit in there as to not be value betting 100% of the time). Hands like high diamond draws (AdQd, AdJd etc...) I would opt to call given we block some high flush draws he would be raising. All that was previously said is done at some type of frequency as to not always be doing the same thing and balancing as well as we can (as I've mentioned the same hands in calling and 3betting the flop (backdoor draws)) Many factors can be taken into account such as who you are playing against, how he plays, previous hands, what you know about him, what you think he knows about you etc... That will affect how I play the hand and what combos I think I should be raising and calling with.
To conclude I do think this is a 2 street board with most of our holdings and checking back the flop with Kx (even AK and AA) is fine and calling turn and river if he barrels off, otherwise betting turn and river with our holdings.

The next KK hand, in a reverse spot where I am in the SB and 3bet, bet, bet, and yes, shove, I would go ahead and barrel off high blockers like AK, AQ, KQ blocking many overpairs and high Jx combos making him fold some fairly strong holdings (I would hope), but in this particular spot the SB range is very narrow on the river given the action preflop and postflop, I honestly think his range on river is AA, KK, QQ, JJ and maybe AJs so no in this particular spot I would be giving up the river my high broadways (and probably on the turn to a high frequency to be honest).

Jan. 11, 2017 | 6:56 p.m.

ProVideo | Serge Pouliot posted in NLHE: River Actions

Serge examines a selecton of hands with a focus on river play.

Jan. 9, 2017 | 5 p.m.

I gotta think about this one, will get back to it!

Jan. 9, 2017 | 6:52 a.m.

One of my next videos is a hand history/theory video and I gotta say, it's basically a video on the way I analyse my leaks, study, reflect and try to adjust. I do not use PIOsolver or any other tool in the video, and I haven't thought about doing videos for tourneys or tools of this nature because the honest truth is for both of these matters, there is so much better content from better players on RIO that are so much more knowledgeable than me. Obv I use many tools that they use but they are really better than me at using and letting you guys know how to use them. I will try to figure out a way to let you guys know how I do study and try to fix my hands played/leaks etc but I really recommend browsing the library before thinking I can provide better coaching in these matters than the higher-ups.
At the moment I am constantly working on my coaching skills as well as my poker skills to better word my knowledge and make less mistakes overall. Working hard, studying, playing hard! Should all fall into place, for me and for you!

Jan. 9, 2017 | 6:52 a.m.

Great community we got here! And ronneycui, its 10$/month for a very valuable subscription at RIO, dunno if you have it already, but i think its really worth it!

Jan. 9, 2017 | 6:37 a.m.

I gotta agree that the bet on the turn is somewhat spewy given that the turn will hit him infinitely more often than me, that being said, I do block good top pair hands like KJ and QJ, I also block QQ and KK that I will have and he wont, I will also have his perceived range but less often (suited connectors, mid pocket pairs) and when he does call the turn he will often have something like pair/open ended or pair/gutshot to which I will be barreling him off the hand on many rivers playing in position. Now, all of that being said (once again) I think I can find better turns to barrel though like a 9, T, A (2,3,4 at some frequency) or pair board and giving up on 6 and 7. Checking the turn is basically giving up on the hand to which I don't think is all that bad in retrospect given both our ranges.
All in all I don't really like the hand as played even with the given result. I think the post hand analysis is better and given the number of turns that we barrel, we are going to win the hand a lot more often even if we give up on 6 and 7 turns.
Thanks for the comment! Good study!

Jan. 9, 2017 | 1:12 a.m.

So far, not so bad, I've had one bad session that was directly affected by the flow of my day in general, the day in question started off really bad and I feel it translated into a losing session, i was tired, not the best idea to be grinding when when the day is not gong as planned and loss of sleep is involved. Need better focus on grinding in optimal situations and when feeling at my best, my time can be better spent on study otherwise.
Started playing on 888 and although there is a lack of action, the tables that run are very good, don't like the interface much but I should get used to that with time.
Ran pretty bad overall but I will only be paying attention to all in EV winrate so I am somewhat pleased with results so far (they could always be better).
Kept on studying tournament strategy and happy of the time I put into it so far, Chris Kruk has helped me a lot in that area, I am lucky to have so many great minds to study off of here at RIO.
I have many tournament hands to review and will be doing that with a friend (who is infinitely better than me at tourneys) here in Nassau in our free time. I really need to work my blind vs blind strategy not only in tourneys but also cash games (I've noticed and have been told that I am slightly off in range selection in that area). Will be getting back to putting more work into my cash games after Bahamas while still keeping at it in tournament study.
Slacked off the gym a bit, problem with my right wrist/hand (hurt it while training i think) but still getting in my jogging, water and eating well every day.
Will post online results after Bahamas for mid month check in, as of yet I've played 17 hours online, 5 hours of study and 9 hours live.

Jan. 7, 2017 | 3:32 p.m.

Hey ronneycui!
I think you should know beforehand that many of the players you will be facing are doing this for a living so what you should ask yourself is : Am I doing this to make money and create a sustainable income or am I doing this as a hobby and I enjoy the game?
Sometimes I play hockey with friends and I gamble, sometimes its nintendo and sometimes its just something stupid like chugging a beer, I know that im not going to win at all these games but i enjoy doing them and sometimes lose money. I think this somewhat applies to poker, if its a hobby, youre doing it at a reasonable rate, its not affecting your work or social life and you can afford to lose or win the amounts you are gambling then its fine.
If you are thinking about doing this for a living, you better get to work! Studying hard, setting up a work plan, playing lower and within your bankroll, expecting some swings that you can handle mentally and so many other things that would take me quite some time to enumerate...
After all that said, remember why we all started to play this game, competitive nature, thrill of victory and winning/losing at a game we love to play!

Jan. 6, 2017 | 11:02 a.m.

I was talking with some people the other day about seating scripts and Ive learned that it costs 150$/month+ to have one and people gladly pay it (this is a program that sits you at a table and does nothing more, not to be compared with thousands of coaching hours poured into this site), without commenting or comparing quality or content with any other tool available online, I personally think that the current prices are way too low for the talent, time and dedication the pros are giving on RIO.

Jan. 6, 2017 | 10:46 a.m.

Im taking notes from this blog, a lot better than my intro! Gl at the tables, not worried about you, you seem well oriented and motivated.

Jan. 6, 2017 | 10:29 a.m.

Started it!

Jan. 5, 2017 | 10:09 p.m.

January : Since I am heading to the Bahamas on Jan 6th my study focus has been tournaments for the last month or so, I've watched many videos, studied and reviewed hands with some friends here in Montreal and learned many new things. My online volume should be taking a small hit but I will still be playing roughly 500-1k hands online when I wake up in the morning almost every day of the week. I still want to be as fresh as I can for the Main Event so I will not be overworking myself if I feel tired. Will be playing some live cash games there and maybe side tournaments. Jogging in the morning before tournaments in the Bahamas should be a lot more pleasant than in the snow here in Montreal so that shouldn't be an issue and taking a look at the gym options over there when I have the chance to be spending some time training. Will keep the partying to a minimum and focus on relaxing and poker. Will be posting some results when I get back from the Bahamas to keep myself in check.

Jan. 4, 2017 | 3:07 p.m.

Post | Serge Pouliot posted in Chatter: 2017 Momess Poker Journal

Not quite sure how to start this so I'll just type some words and see how it goes. I am starting a journal for myself first to help with goals, motivation and work ethic just to name a few things I want to keep in line, I am also doing it to show people that are coming up in the game just how much work on and off the felt it is to be a successful poker player, that everything isn't always as easy as it seems and finally for anyone and everyone that's interested in the way of the poker life. I will be posting at least twice a month, poker goals, study goals, lifestyle goals and results.
To start off, 2017 main goals, POKER focus this year is quality over quantity, I will probably be playing the least amount of hands I've ever played in a year but I want all these hands to be played the best way I can. My home base is nl200 but I am looking to play much more nl400+ and I will be spreading out my play over several sites so I can get the best tables everywhere. I will start playing more tournaments (1 to 2 days per week) and fitting in some private coaching, live cash games and live tournaments in the mix.
STUDY goals are to drastically improved my tournament game (which is far behind good players), keeping up my focus on weekly cash game study, reviewing my database daily, adjusting my HUD and to the meta.
LIFESTYLE goals are keeping up my healthy habits, I have been vegan for the last 6 months (after being vegetarian for the last 2 years) and I love it, going to the gym at least 3 times a week and jogging once or twice a day (which I've started roughly 3 months ago and also love it).
These are just main goals, many other things should come into the mix and I will be writing these things down as I go along, hope anyone that follows this participates in conversation, asks questions and gives constructive criticism, but for now, GL to all in 2017 at the tables!

Jan. 4, 2017 | 2:29 p.m.

Hi again,
I would have to say that the 20$ cap on a 2/4 game is pretty high for rake and would doubt the game would last very long but I guess if stacks do get to 250bb half way in the session, it should be a good game to play in. So basically I would not think about raising or not factoring in the rake, I would decide beforehand if the game is worth it and play as well as I can knowing I can beat the rake with the given field , if there is doubt that the rake cant be beaten and I am changing the way I play because of this I would simply be looking for another game.
With a soft field I would mix up my preflop actions with JTs/89s, flatting some opens and 3betting others and most often raising limps with these hands given board coverage is very high and we can be betting many flops and turns as blufffs/semi-bluffs/value, its ok to have an occasional over-limp preflop but I would also like to be occasionally over-limping re-raising preflop when someone behind raises and there is 3-4 callers (I think its harder to do this in live games given over-limping very strong hands to backraise them will most often not work out given the field is soft and players will tend to limp behind rather than raise preflop), I think folding these hands preflop for a single raise or a limp is out of the question.
Playing 250bb deep is very different than 100bb and many hands gain a lot of value, considering opening up my 3bet/4bet range and also 3bet/4bet call range. I would be raising slightly bigger preflop and limping many other playable but bad hands (again mixing in some limp reraises but its hard to balance these), advertising weaker hands at showdown can gain some value long term and building an image with a field is also something to consider and has value.
In conclusion regarding the rake, I would suggest you weight your options between local casino, underground games or online factoring in: travel costs and time, hands per hour seen, cost of food and drinks, rake, field, hourly gain and fun factor. Making a sound decision of game selection and playing your A-Game not changing optimal play because of the rake.
GL at the tables!

Jan. 4, 2017 | noon

Hey Tom
Although I do have an opening range that I follow (and no T8s is def not in my EP2 range although J9s I do open MP2), I think its important to adapt to every table you are seated on, the red players are RP and purple are huge losing players (scout326 is known for being one of the biggest all time losers online, he is a legend, and also a gazilionnaire I think). So I try to open up my range a bit when weaker players are in the blinds, its also good to note that does not mean when a loose passive player is directly to your left that you should be opening lighter, he will call more often and induce squeeze plays so its really knowing how you are positioned at a table versus the field when you decide to open out of range.
For the loose game question, I wanna first off say that there are many ways to play poker and im def not saying that the way I play is the ''best'' but I have my own style and I do well. I see many people playing very nitty in live or online games and some of them do really well, others play very loose and they also do very well so I think the answer to this question is very opinion based, in my own personal opinion (and this applies more to live than online) I try to open up my range preflop in loose games, you dont need to be raising every hand but mixing it up with limps and raises preflop and being active will get you more action long term from the laggy players at the table. I think a mix of raises and limps with QJo can be profitable but you need to know who the 6 players are behind before you raise because you are probably never defending vs a 3bet, I would def always be raising suited hands tho, and probably limping many hands just to be involved in pots and create a better image to get action later on (again, this applies mostly to live games since online, its pretty much always 7-8 regs with 1-2 recs and not being very well balanced can cost you alot).

Jan. 2, 2017 | 5:39 p.m.

I would rather not be the judge of too many plays my opponents make, this is a very good reg with a high winrate, I try to study what they do, try to exploit or dodge situations and put myself in the best spots overall long term vs them but I would have to admit that I am not sure what he thinks I am bluffing or value betting with less, I guess he thinks I am polarized to quads or 89s? Pretty sure that if I was in his spot I probably would not have played the hand as he did on any street, even preflop but there are many ways to make money in poker and playing the hand exactly as he did vs someone else maybe nets him a healthy profit.

Dec. 26, 2016 | 4:50 p.m.

Hi ULpiano, thanks!
AQs, I think the idea behind the sizing is most likely that on the river I feel our range is polarized given we are 3 way, pretty much everyone thinks that someone out of the 3 has a flush draw so basically trying to polarize my bet size and get value from a top rage type hand. I think that now that I review the hand, is it possible to use a 1/3rd pot bet to at least try and get calls from a 2 pair+ type hand? Also this sizing might accomplish someone brain farting and maybe raise bluffing? If these outcomes can be realized with a smaller bet size then it is without a doubt better and accomplishes more.
89s, I would have to agree to not changing the bet size here to really balance our entire range with our cbets (although I think its also fine to use 1/3 to half pot just to keep people guessing by adding variations), I am used to playing with many of the players you see and sometimes I do not specify these players tendencies and habits but yes the overall idea of the slightly bigger sizing would be to generate more FE generally from future streets given the pot size on turn or river.
AKs, Overall tendencies and meta game of FR these days of EP vs blinds is very rare that you will be getting in your AKs in that spot vs QQ or less and I can almost state as a fact that they will NEVER get in AQs or less in this spot, so when they 4bet from these positions they are calling it off with KK, AA and some AKs when you jam. That said, they will be having some bluffs that we can pick off with strong hands by playing post flop dominating their bluffing range. The fact that there is a fun player in the BB does not add to the fact that his range is wider, in fact I would have to think that the EP player will be flatting more often with his value hands and polarizing his 4bet range.
KTs, I have to agree, I dont really like the barrel on the turn but I dont see many other ways to win this hand. (we def dont need to win all the hands we play and waiving the white flag is somewhat mandatory in some spots) I think the idea is that his overall range will consist of many weak hands that wont be able to continue on the turn, be it middle pair no draw, underpairs, gutshots etc and even though this is a fun player, his range when not a pocket pair will consist more often of suited cards than not so I think overall the turn will likely scare him more often. All that being said after watching the hand again, I understand the cbet with the spade on board and gutshot but I kinda like checking back the flop and with that turn maybe just folding if he barrels and moving on the the next hand and better spots.

Dec. 26, 2016 | 4:40 p.m.

I guess I need a tutorial on posting pics in chat, help anyone? seems really like low quality, using snipping tool, not aware of what else I can use for better quality

Dec. 21, 2016 | 10:10 p.m.

I am thinking about doing a monthly blog on RIO to help with motivation to continue to advance and better my game, posting graphs, though process and way of life in general. This is my 2016 results, I would like to mention that my 4 last months have been the worst in the last 2 years (personal issues have affected me the most) But I am hyped to get back to making 4bb+ in 2017 and if you guys are interested in a monthly blog from a FR player (I know you guys dont like FR as much...) I would be glad to do one!
(i think quality is bad on first one)

Dec. 21, 2016 | 10:05 p.m.

ProVideo | Serge Pouliot posted in NLHE: $1/$2 NLHE Live Session

Serge analyzes his play across eight tables of full ring $1/$2 NLHE.

Dec. 15, 2016 | 5 p.m.

I agree, my next video is in fact the last one that has 9 tables, not only is it too much but I've been slightly failing at explaining the best way that I can what my thought process is and why I am doing things. I was trying to give as much content as I could in a 45 minute span for people to get their moneys worth but in fact, fewer tables, less spots and more thorough explanations seem better now.
Thanks for the constructive criticism!

Dec. 13, 2016 | 12:27 a.m.

My first question would be, if you flat this 4bet OP what are you balancing your calls with? Do you have a mix of weaker playable hands that you are flatting? Are you also flatting AA, KK, QQ etc? Is this flat player dependant? Do you have postflop plans in which you will turn weaker holdings into bluffs? I would suggest 5bet jamming in this spot or even 5betting small to induce or get a call, I also flat this spot sometimes vs certain players and I try to balance out hands that are weaker so I dont show up with same range at showdown but I feel a straight forward 5bet jam here will net you a very good profit long term.
That being said, as played preflop, I think you absolutely need to check jam flop, you are always finding yourself in a very bad spot on the turn when you check call flop since the A, the K and any club will freeze the action and if you miss any of these cards, the player IP will have a potsize bet on turn to which you cant really check call.
Once again, as played on the flop, I kinda dont know what to do on the turn tbh... All plays seem bad at this point, I guess just check folding is best play but it still makes me wanna puke...
In conclusion I really think picking up the 33bb pot preflop with a 5bet jam is the more profitable play long term, when called your EV is good to very good (very rarely poor) and when not called you pick up the 33bb and get to not play OP in a blotted pot with AKs.

Dec. 9, 2016 | 5:21 a.m.

Yes Mancuso you can use suits, like jamming black or red queens and calling the rest, I use suits often for opens that I do less frequently (like Arag I will use only hearts in one day to cut my opens with those hands to 25%) you can also use a random number generator that you can keep on the side of your sessions and click it for decisions, it can be found easily on the net

Dec. 4, 2016 | 7:48 p.m.

If we are to fold QQ here I can assume that we are only playing KK or AA so hopefully when we have these hands in this spot we are not 5 bet jamming and always calling. If we are playing only AA or KK in this spot we are highly exploitable imo since we would be 3betting this spot with many holdings and the blinds should be aware of this.
Its 4 way, we have 100bb and his 4bet is to 31bb, imo, I would be jamming here roughly 65% and calling 35%, with a 4bet to 22-26bb I would have a higher calling frequency.
If we think about all combos the SB has in this spot QQ is waaaayyy ahead, AKo/s, TT+, hands with blockers as bluffs like JTs+, QTs+, KTs+ etc, even low suited connectors can fit in here and the random brain fart bluff...

Dec. 3, 2016 | 7:23 p.m.

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