Cory Mikesell


Want to start learning poker from the beginning the right way? Want to understand essential Game Theory concepts that pros love to discuss? Want to rise from the micro stakes and become a pro? Then you want Poker Foundations.


In poker, we all have goals. Whether your goal is to become one of the best online players in the world, the best in your home game, or simply to enjoy the complexities of poker on the deepest level, you need a rock solid foundation. With Poker Foundations, Cory Mikesell and a host of Runitonce Pros help you construct your poker game brick by brick, giving you the essential information you need to understand all the beautiful complexity of the game and crush your opponents at the same time.

In the first of five major sections, the Runitonce team lays the first stone in the foundation by discussing how a professional gambler looks at a bet differently than the amateur. From there, each section builds in complexity covering essential ideas like position, pot odds, and how to hand read before progressing to sophisticated skills like exploiting opponents, understanding the mental game, and all of the most important Game Theory concepts required by modern play.

All chapters are streamlined to provide you with only the knowledge you need to succeed and include play along hands at the end of each section to test what you’ve learned.

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