1 Year Challenge - 1M hands + 5bb/100 at nl200+

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1 Year Challenge - 1M hands + 5bb/100 at nl200+

Hey guys, my name is Max Lacerda, I'm from Brazil and I know poker since 2015, but I only started to take my game seriously and focus on online cash games in 2018. If you want to read my story before 2018 I have my first blog here.

In March of 2018 I had my first and only coach package with Saulo Costa and it completelly changed my game, technically and mentally. I was struggling a lot with online poker in the beggining because of the variance, but in September of 2018 more or less was the period that my mental game was much better and I started to win consistently on 25z and 50z (it became much clearer to me the huge importance of mental game). I currently play almost only 100z and 100reg, but an opportunity came up and I decided to accept the personal offer from Saulo and Zinhao to play nl200+ stacked and with coaching during a year. I wasn't sure in the begginning but some important factors made me decide to accept the offer.

This blog will be focused on making myself accountable and motivated + posting my results + debating some mental game stuff. Let's crush!

I'll be posting some HH in my instagram from time to time: max.lacerda1

Year graph so far (a lot of 50z at the time):



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