$10,000 challenge playing $2/$3

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$10,000 challenge playing $2/$3

Dropping down a level from my usual $3/5 game to play $2/$3. Looking to make at least $10,000 before moving back up again. I also think playing a low level will allow me to play a bit more laggy than my usual tight style. I find on the $3/5 game I am not getting action, despite bluffing more than most regs do. I'll play a tighter range say 15-20% compared to their 25-35% range, but they are more loose passive and don't bluff often. They seem to get action despite never bluffing. Just because they limp in an extra 10-15% of hands. Anyways looking to make $35-$40/hr during this challenge roughly 200-300 hours. I do play full time, so roughly 4-7 week challenge depending on how well I run. I have played this level before with around a $30 (10bb / hr) win rate. Let's see how much RIO has improved my game! Any questions, suggestions, or comments leave them below.

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