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10nl to 100nl by 01.06.2021

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10nl to 100nl by 01.06.2021

Hello, guys!

Starting this thread to keep myself motivated to study and play consistently.
I am playing microstakes and my goal is to move to 100nl and start making money from poker.
I know the goal is a bit unrealistic but don't think it is impossible. Will be studying mainly with GTO+ and doing MDA.
I will start with a lot more studying than playing to build a reasonable strategies for all most common spots and when I feel I know what I am doing in most spots I will start putting bigger volume and hopefully start making money.

The plan is to post study and play goals every week and at the end of it I will post if I succeeded at the them.
Will start from the very basics and make very clear, ready to implement strategies.

Startining from today:
goals for 29.03.2021 - 05.04.2021
- UTG-SB RFI ranges
- SB vs BB: BB call and 3bet ranges, SB call and 4bet vs 3bet, BB call and 5bet vs 4bet.
- IP vs BB: BB call and 3bet ranges, IP 4bet and call ranges vs BB 3bet, BB call and 5bet vs IP 4bet
- UTG-BTN vs SB: SB call and 3bet ranges, UTG-BTN 4bet and call ranges vs SB 3bet, SB call and 5bet vs UTG-BTN 4bet
- Being IP, facing an open
- IP vs BB, SRP, disconnected flops:
- IP cbet strategy (frequency, sizing, how much money IP range should put when cbetting, heuristics for hand selection)
- BB call and XR strategy facing a cbet
- IP turn cbet strategy + river play after turn cbet and BB responses
- BB probe+river play after probe and IP responses
- IP delayed cbet + river play after delayed cbet and BB reponses
- IP facing a flop/turn/river XR and play after it
- BB play after flop/turn XR

Play: play 1 session 45-60min a day and review every spot from the session which I am not sure about how to play before playing the next session.

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