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2021 Poker Goals (Recreational player to Semi pro)

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2021 Poker Goals (Recreational player to Semi pro)

Hi RIO forums!

I am 27, live in the US and am currently working as a Data Analyst for a Tech company. I have played poker casually for many years but have never committed to regularly playing and studying poker. My goals for this year are to commit to regularly playing and studying the game, prove I am a winning player, and moving up in stakes. I am hoping to use this journal to share anything interesting I learn along the way and to keep myself accountable.

More specifically I hope to:
-Play a minimum of 2k hands per week (this is a strict minimum, ideally I will play closer to 5k hands per week)
-Study a minimum of 4 hours per week
-Post results and my study focus for the week

I believe proving I am a winning player and moving up in stakes will happen as a byproduct of the above goals.

I currently plan to put in volume at Ignition and ACR. I have been playing 10NL Zoom on ACR and 25NL 6 Max regular tables at Ignition.

My results for this week are as follows:
Play goals:
-1902 Hands on Ignition 25NL (27.22 bb/100 and 40.31 All-In Adj BB/100)
-1737 Hands on ACR 10NL Zoom (2.91 bb/100 and -5.53 All-In Adj BB/100)
Study goals:
-I didn't have any specific study goals for the past week, I watched a lot of videos made by Tariq Haji, he plays on ignition and breaks down his though process very well. I think they were very helpful for me in my games. This coming week I am hoping to better understand how poker players come with with their "strategy". Do they typically focus on one specific formation and study that (e.g. run out a bunch of different boards for BB v. BTN. and figure out what they would would do if they are IP or OOP on different runouts), or do they typically watch videos and come up with a general thought process on how to think about different situations and try to apply the thought process in game.

This is my first post so if I have missed anything that you would like to see please let me know! In addition, this is my first time taking poker more seriously so if you have any thoughts on setting poker goals or more efficient ways to study I would love to hear them.

Thank you!

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