2022: The Journal Continues

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2022: The Journal Continues

I closed out my previous journal with some observations. I suppose the most important one is that, while I am not optimistic about opportunities for improvement at work (in the hospital), I do see a lot of good opportunities for improvement in my personal life.

You can read my old journal here [link].

Here are the major factors that are going to shape my goals in 2022:

  • Stress has had a major impact in almost every aspect of my life
  • Achieving A-game is tantamount for overcoming major barriers
  • Dedication and study pay dividends
  • Life is hard, but rewarding. (Poker is REALLY hard)
  • It can be difficult to separate the good from the bad in poker and in everyday life.
  • I’m lucky to know a ton of great people.

OVERARCHING GOAL: Become More Resilient
OVERARCHING GOAL: Improve my overall health.
OVERARCHING GOAL: Improve my fund of knowledge.
OVERARCHING GOAL: Become a better educator.
OVERARCHING GOAL: Be more efficient. - REVISED: Become more efficient and improve my energy levels.
OVERARCHING GOAL: Get up, get out and do something.

I’ll mostly focus on poker in this journal, but I think it’s useful to just state my resolutions some place.

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