A few long term mental game problems

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A few long term mental game problems

Hi everyone

I play on a small site, stakes ranging from 5-10 to 50-100, both NL and PLO. I basically play any game that goes and versus any player, except a very few other regulars.

So the deal is 70-80% of the hands I play are on 10/20, with the rest on 5/10, 15/30, 25/50 and a little 50/100.

Games at 25/50 and above are quite erratic and this is where my discomfort stems from. I find myself being very uncomfortable with the idea of moving up and running bad and losing massively after grinding my normal games. The problem is usually these big stakes games are really soft and have some whales. I want to get my mindset correct about facing these games and should look at them as good opportunities that I can afford to take!

The other problem is a sort of winners tilt. Whenever I am up well in a session I find myself being uncomfortable playing vs tougher opponents and scared of losing my profits. I know how bad this sounds, but I have to admit that it happens. To add to that I find myself uncomfortable being deep stacked. I know as a good player I should relish these situations versus weaker opposition. Basically I should put a lot of work into my deepstack game until it is so.

I've been a pro or semi pro during the last10 years now and I thought I was beyond anything like this. It feels good to actually type this out to you guys and to have clearly identified some big problems I have with my mental game and are clearly effecting my winrate.

I think I have answered some of this for myself now, but nevertheless thank you for reading and I'd love to hear any advice or anyone else's similar experience.


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