A low variance approach to MTTs (hopefully)

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A low variance approach to MTTs (hopefully)

Hey Guys,

I am an MTT grinder currently trapped in the UK because of Covid-19. I have spent much of the last 5-6 years playing poker and travelling around with some brief real-life work sprinkled in. I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while and this seems like a great place to do it. I have really enjoyed and benefitted from the Mobius and Onkleb blogs and although I think the likely only benefactor of this blog will be myself, I still thought it would be fun.

I am currently living with my parents as I have no permanent place to live, luckily we get on great and not being able to leave the house its a pretty good time to not live on your own. After we get through this pandemic I plan to go back to travelling and will likely head to South America, who knows however when that will be, I am thinking it will likely be next year.

I don't play on any of the main sites and don't want to give away my screen name or the sites I am playing. They are all pretty small fields and a few extra regs could have a big impact on my bottom line. I started the year playing up to $22 and I am now playing up to $109s, my ABI is around $35 and my AFS is around 150-200. So far this year I have played around 3k games and I am up around $11,500.

As we are on full lockdown here in the UK I am trying to play and study every day. I will update this thread daily with how the session went and something I have learned that day during my study.

About to start my first session so let's hope we get some blog run good.

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