A Positive Reverse Cause-Effect

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A Positive Reverse Cause-Effect

Hello there,

different reasons brought me here today and I wasn't sure of doing it but I believe it is an important step towards further personal development. You might be thinking that I am talking about moving up stakes or understanding the way solvers "think" or the amount of work that I want to put in to be a better poker player and somehow that assumption is correct but it is not the main goal.

The main goal of this journal is to improve discipline and consistency. These are two personal skills that I believe I can maximize with this journal and two things that I have been ignoring over many years.

I am currently doing a masters in youth development and will try to correlate theory with poker without boring you with essays. The reason why I will try to do that is that maybe in that way I can do better with my masters and make things more interesting.

How will this help me improve in poker? Hopefully it will because of a reverse causality effect. In a theoretical model it could look something like this:

In a nut shell, the reason why you see arrows back and forward between Poker and the Goal stated above is because Poker led me to realize that goal and the goal will (hopefully) help me improve in poker. RIO Journal here works as a moderator which influences that connection. This is of course simple, but it works for the purpose.

BUT, of course that most of my posts will be related to poker with graphs, hand histories, spots, thoughts, ideas and other things that I find relevant but without any pressure and I will only post whenever I feel like.

I'm currently playing NL25 (mixing zoom and regspeed) and I'm not caring anymore about moving up stakes because then again, that's not my main goal now.

Any feedback is extremely appreciated and if you don't have any I just hope you enjoy the read. Thanks!

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