About to subscibe to Elite soon :)

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About to subscibe to Elite soon :)

Firstly a couple of things about me: I having been playing poker part time/full time for about 10 years and 95% of my volume as been through SnG's. I feel (and i wnat to) start slowly transitioning to NL MTT's for a few reason 1) Softest (out of MTT, SNG, CASH) 2) Seem to be a format that is growing the most across all sites 3) Fun when make final table. 4) I now have a BR to play touneys.

I have done a ton of work of HRC as i am a SNG player so can a good concept of ICM although i know that is just a small branch in the tree :). I have around an £8k-£10k BR so it seems stupid i am not investing some of this into Coaching programs.

My main question is; should i find a coach i like and just watch all their videos (somebody like Sam Grafton) or watch mulitple videos from a variety of coaches. I have always liked the idea tof just listening to one person as i do believe that you can get information for too many people. I do understand that there are Learning paths also which could be handy :)

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