Always be that wolf

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Always be that wolf

Lately, I've been losing and losing really bad... I lost the confidence I had in my game, I've never lost so much in a month and most of my entire winnings are gone...

I'm a micro-stakes player and for most of you the amount I lost is laughable but I wanted to share some thoughts with all of you so forget that I am a micro stakes player for a while because I think that this is something that all of us as poker players go through at some point in our poker journey.

As poker players, our "job" is a lonely one. Some of us will have the luck of having friends that play poker and the ideal scenario is being surrounded by people that are better than us and see and explain to us things that we don't understand yet. But for most of us, we'll have no one to talk to in our friend's circle about poker. Our only choice is to come to forums like Run it once and try to get a glimpse of that ideal scenario.

And I tell you if you don't have someone in your daily life to talk about poker, your journey is a lot harder and it takes a toll in your mental game. Your doubts are amplified you don't have someone to tell you what is normal variance or bad play. So here is where we come to the forums and post some hands but one thing is posting a hand other is having someone with you looking through that really bad session.

So you have two options here: You can feel sorry for yourself and give up because the world is against you or you couldn't care less about your circumstances and work your a** off.

Review your sessions, read articles, post in here, watch videos and if you don't understand something comment on the video is for that that videos have a comment section. You will not be a lone wolf forever your attitude and your work ethic will bring the right people in your life. You are losing now, who cares? Be the player that works the hardest in your table, be the guy who sees the mistakes that other players are making. Just because you are a better player doesn't mean that you are entitled to win every single pot. Short term is all about variance, you care about your long-term result even pocket aces get cracked by 72o 12% of the time.

Make the right decisions and don't give a f*ck for what happens next. The hardest walk you can make is the walk you make alone but that is the walk that makes you the strongest.

"The wolf on the will is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill"

Always be that wolf

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