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Brief 2022 Review (Link to previous Journal)
I had big plans starting the year and they pretty much fell flat so far. I started the year trying to decide between adding WPN or Bovada to my game selection. I started with WPN because the bonuses were much better. Things on WPN went fairly well at 200nl and I grinded off most of the $2k deposit bonus in time while making some money at the tables over a 45k hand sample. After that bonus was gone, I decided to try out Bovada. The games at Bovada are a bit softer, but come with a different set of challenges. However, I didn’t play there very much with my grandfather getting sick (kidney failure) and passing away in mid February. After this, I spent most of my free time with family and helping my father out. He inherited about 100 years worth of stuff compiled into multiple sheds. It took us almost 2 months to get everything moved out and cleaned up. RIP Paw Paw Sonny (88 years old when he passed away)

After getting everything situated for my father, I decided to commit some time to Bovada. I downloaded Jurojin and hit the tables a little bit in late April. Unfortunately, my desktop started bugging out and freezing on me. Next, it wouldn’t get past the startup screen. It took me two weeks of trouble shooting to finally pull the plug and do a complete reinstall. With a fresh install, I planned to start hitting the tables hard again. However, another blow came to my family when my other grandfather passed away in early May, from old age (93 years old). Needless to say, it was a depressing few months for my family. I no longer have grandparents. RIP Paw Paw Philip

So I haven’t been very active with poker this year. We just got out of school for Summer this past week. I started the summer with a with a 3 day trip to Biloxi with the wifey. Made $2.5k at 500nl while breaking even at the casino games. We are going to take the kiddos to Texas next week to visit family and be tourist in San Antonio for a week. Outside of that, I hope to get in a good bit of poker this summer.

I plan to use this journal as a motivator to beat the 200nl Zone games on Bovada. I have played around 5k hands of Zone so far, and I am up around 2 buy ins. I would post a graph but my yard guy cut my internet line today, and a tech won’t be here until Tuesday to fix it. Overall, my goal is to play 50k hands on Bovada and track my thoughts here as I try to adjust to playing in an Anonymous pool. I will still be playing on Global so it might take me a little while to get through 50k hands. We shall see.

Let me know if you have any tips, tricks, or feedback on beating an anonymous pool. :)

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