Another Generic Poker Journal About Grinding from 25NL

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Another Generic Poker Journal About Grinding from 25NL

I'm John, 30 years old from Birmingham, UK.
Used to play online back in 2007-2011 (pre-Black Friday) starting at 25NL and up to 100NL 6-max.
Stopped playing post-Black Friday, mainly due to focussing on my career etc - I know have my own business which takes up a lot of time so not as much time to play poker.
I still play live 100NL, which I am a winner at.

Why a Poker Journal
Decided that due to having a lot more spare time at the moment due to the Coronavirus, I would dabble at online poker again. My business operates in the fast-food retail industry and we are currently instructed to close by the UK Government and it doesn't look likely we'll be open any time soon (I'm anticipating July/August).

I'm going to be playing 25NL Full Ring on Full Tilt and moving up with balanced bankroll management. Started approximately 2 weeks ago by depositing $500.

Current situation
Running extremely well! See below my current results for April (half month).


I'm surprised at how many fish there are and the lack of decent regulars - I expected the standard of play to be much higher.

Things to expect in this journal
Results, hand histories, goals, a blast to ramble about things, etc.

Feel free to comment on my hands etc and let me know how badly I played them! Always up for a discussion about poker etc.

Currently trying to learn more about the game and I'm going through the Learning Paths. Halfway through "Getting Started" etc. The theory is a lot more advanced that it was 10 years ago.

Will try and keep this updated.

Good luck guys.

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