Any advice?

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Any advice?

What to do when u constantly run under EV every single session u play? 5-6 buyins sometimes lower sometimes more i just cant hold my equity even if my life depends on it lol.I play 8-10k hands a day and every start of session i lose 10ish buyins due to bad luck and then 2-3 buyins if im already down 5-6 cuz of bad play tilt....This was legit my last week i started playing in the morning and ended up almost every day at evening where i was break even or 1-2 buyin down....i feel commited to get back the money taht i lost even tho that might be bad thing im rly proud of myself everytime i manage to grind back the money and not going full spew mode...i know its variance but how come 1 month i have 10bb/100 120k hands in NL25 and next month im down -4bb/100 in 100k hands and then next month im again around 5-6 bb/100 over same sample i just feel like im playing super well if things are going my way where i dont get suckouted to often,but when i do i cant seem to control myself.Edit also forgot to mention i play 8-10k hands ONLY when im losing,if i have a winning session im kinda bored after i reach certain point of +buyins which is also one of my problems.

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