Are AIs in Poker Overrated?

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Are AIs in Poker Overrated?

Hello everyone,,
I am just a newbie for Poker.

I read many articles, journals, and news about AIs in Poker Game.

Currently, Libratus (Canada/Czezh) and DeepStack(USA) are two main renowned AIs that win over human players. (No-Limit Texas Hold'em)

Pro Poker players are really pros? There are 4 pro players in Libratus and 11 players (*33 players played, but finally 11 players met the condition) in DeepStack. Those players are really (famous) pro players? And what define pro players? It seems that there are not official rankings and certificate unlike Go and Chess.

Game Style: Both Libratus and DeepStack use Heads-Up match (1 vs.1) of No-Limit Texas Hold'em. Why does 1 vs. 1 matter? It seems to me that almost everyone players with numerous players, usually starting with 8 players. (Sit N Go, CashGame). Do AIs can beat down human players with more people and multiple variances?

Possibility of Manipulation: The game could be rigged; AIs may know the cards that players hold. I do not say that the games were rigged, but they could be. Any referee/judge was there?

I give a credit for AI makers, but I feel somewhat overrated. How do you think?

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