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Back after 7 years to load up the truck

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Back after 7 years to load up the truck

In 2012-2013 I was beating nl50 for 8bb/100 whilst being staked and coached by a msnl reg after moving up from nl25. I was 20/21 at the time. I'd been a member of RIO and other training sites and had already decided I wanted to be a professional poker player. However I didn't appreciate the opportunity in front of me and after a lot of initial effort spent too much time drinking and chasing girls. 1 failed shot at nl100... then I received an opportunity back home to train as a data engineer so I took that instead, fully qualified after 3.5 years but I was miserable doing it, the perception from the outside looking in I was doing well... I was fine but I was depressed.

I left after 4 years, did a course on digital marketing and tried some freelance work before moving into sales. I could do what I put my mind to but I was depressed and using drink and/or drugs to sedate myself from reality. Covid-19 nuked my sales role and I stumbled upon some poker content on youtube whilst high at 9am through a guy I followed from 2012 joeingram1...

There are still people making money from poker?!? even in 2012 those of you that were around them will remember the same people saying... online poker is dead... online poker only has a few years left etc.

The fire was lit.

I've had Tendinitis in both hands and forearms for the last 2 months (finally pain free) but I used that time to absorb all the content I can from RIO and another training site whilst trying out playing on a few different sites.

Waking up excited again... not sedating myself... making goals I actually care about rather than doing what I need to just get by. I forgot how much I love this game.

So I'm here to BACK UP THE TRUCK and LOAD UP THE MONIES before its too late!

Poker Goals:
Improve my 6max NL
Improve my HU (starting tables etc)
Reach High Stakes
Take as much money out the game as possible
Build liferoll to not have to think about money on a monthly basis

I dont have access to my old skype account with my poker contacts on, which is in part why I'm making this thread. I'd like some like-minded poker friends who are aiming high and are as obsessed with poker as I am.

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