Back on the grind - GG poker style

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Back on the grind - GG poker style

I have decided to come back to blogging. After the last blog I had a month or two on RIO poker where I did pretty well but unfortunately not a lot of room to move up in stakes, I also hated the night time grind, I have always been more productive in the mornings. I then had a month of drinking and watching football, which was great.

This brings us to today; I want to play mornings UK time and I am absolutely fine with making less money because of that. Working out and being on the same schedule as my friends / family is way more important to me. Stars is very dead in these timezones, although I did pretty well in the morning times I was likely just running way over EV. I have now moved to GG poker, unfortunately being from the UK means a 200$ a day deposit limit unless you can prove proof of funds (which they make impossible). I will just deposit the max and play 50nl until we spin it up eventually. I am well rolled for 50nl it is just very difficult to get the money onto GG.The only real change from the last thread is going to be weekly instead of daily updates.

1. 3x gym per week
2. Max 1 day of drinking (one or two at dinner does not count)
3. 4x days a week grinding
4. 1x video per day (until I have finished the course I am studying)
5. 4000 hands per day (need to get in the hands to hit the leaderboard)
6. No checking results (this will mostly come in once I make a deposit stick)
7. Update thread weekly (monday)

Reflecting on the last thread I think I made a few mistakes. Firstly, I checked results and posted graphs way too often, which often led me to cutting days short (winning & losing). Secondly, I studied too much and did not play enough, I was probably close to 60/40 study to play and this time I want to be 20/80. Thirdly, I tried to move up too quickly and with too few buyins which led to stress when playing. With this in mind I will keep to a strict 100 buyin bankroll management, with a minimum stake of 50nl.

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