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Back to Square One


I'm gonna use this thread to make myself accountable for holding a journal, posting each day.
Everyday seems to be back to square one, one day because the day before I lost a ton, another time because an issue in real life pops up etc. The feeling I have is to fight a battle uphill versus an invisible opponent who got the best of me and the moment it seems I find my path a huge blow crushes my face

I wanted to make a solid first post, but I know myself and I'm sure I would procrastinate on it.
As I said, I write for me basically, but as matter of fact, any comment would be awesome.
I feel pretty lonely in this game and to fight my daily battles, I hope to spark some interest and to help someone else as well

Go with the flow(chart)
I build a flowchart that highlights what I have to do throughout my day. Many times I feel lost and I feel cumbersome by the burden on my shoulders. It seems I go to do so much things that I cannot figure out what to do. I am the willingness to fight, to do... but confusion is the king in my life. In order to bring my smile back I'm going to start with very small goals, accomplish them everyday and get the dose of dopamine which I strive for.

I printed my flowchart and whenever I complete the tasks I color them. Some task are very important and gotta be completed as a goal (the bigger ones) while others are optional

A roadmap to plan my goals
While the flowchart tracks my daily activities I had to find a way to track my goals.

As my flowchart, I know exactly what I will be focusing on the next days/weeks

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