Bad BR Management and Bad leaks! HELP!!

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Bad BR Management and Bad leaks! HELP!!

Hi Guys

I have been spewing off BR after BR for over a year now and its all down to Tilt and bad BR management. I thought around 15 buy ins would be ok at micro stakes ZOOM (NLHE) as stupidly and incredibly arrogantly I thought the players couldnt be that good and I would run it up pretty quickly but after taking a few hits I would just spew it off jumping up the stakes to try and win it back!
i now know that 15 buy ins is awful! I have made my last ever deposit (I hope!) of 100 buy ins and will be playing right down to 5NL and wont be moving up until i'm comfortable and my BR allows me to.

I'll be totally honest, I believe in my technical game but my mental game is truly bad! I think it lies in the below;

  • Impatience: Thinking that at micro stakes I should run my BR up pretty quickly and when I take a few hits I look at how long it'll take to win this back (one step forward two steps back).
  • Entitlement Tilt: Thinking i'm better than micro stakes players so i'll raise with air OOP when losing as how can I lose!
  • Why do I get such bad luck?! (Coming from the man who plays poker online in a warm house as he's privileged enough to get the internet in a first world country)
  • Not being able to quit a losing session. I cant walk away after losing, when I know inevitably its going to happen anyway!

I have read Jared Tendlers books and I can recognise my flaws but I cant seem to put it into practice!

Any advice would be much appreciated guys!


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