Becoming what I should have already become - My journal

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Becoming what I should have already become - My journal

Hey there poker people, I'm new to RunItOnce. Although I've been around the poker community for many years,

I've played this game for probably about 12 years now. I started the way most people may have, with playing fake poker on Facebook and then joining Pokerstars to play sit and gos. From then I eventually went on to learn cash games. Also played some live local pub tournaments and such as I was learning.

Eventually I ended up joining a staked group on a particular website and met a few people and we studied a bit together and tried to do our best playing microstakes splitting the winnings with the ones that run the website that staked us. Eventually they changed it all and the staking went through a company and I also got burned out playing and I've been off and on with this game on my own since, with varied success. Nothing great.

One of the issues I've had in the past is that I haven't been fully mentally commited and I used to very often drink alcohol when I played, mostly because it made in feel in the mood to play more when I was a bit drunk. Sometimes I'd do great, and once in a while a drunk night would devastate my bankroll.

Since those times, I have turned a new leaf with my life, I played a little during lockdown but nothing much. I've spent this last week re-decorating my room to make it a nice space for me to grind and start a new chpapter with this game. I will not be drinking during playing either, like the old days. My aim is to treat this like a business for myself. The fact that I have never been disciplined properly in the past has held me back to no end.

I will only be starting of back at microstakes with a starting roll of $250 ($264 after a 1 session so far). I'm playing on GG Poker because I feel like it's a good mix of enough action and softer field. I can also play some tournaments if I like.

I will be signing up to RIO essential and studying as much as I can! I'm just about trying to be the best version of myself that I can be right now. Being responsible and disciplined.

Also I am someone with a job, currently on flexible furlough but I'll be using all of the time I can to play and study.

I also wish to meet some like minded people to study along side and be able to talk poker with. Anyone who is in a similar boat to me or just likes to bounce ideas off someone else.

I know by now I should definitely be in a much better place with poker after all of these years but I have been my own worst enemy. So I hope this more mature me will make it work. Thanks for stopping by this thread and I will post updates as I go. It may be slow moving in this first week as I finish up sorting this room out.


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