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.... so we all know about the swings in poker ...

Just wanna comment that ... when you try to move up ... and run 5bb below ev .. it's kind of BRUTAL ...
It's fine to get over AA looses to QQ and then KK preflop all in ... It's stupid when u finnaly dealt JJ on the button against BB monkey ... u call jam they somehow shows AA ..How convenient? .

And then very time u 4 bet .. .get shoved on .. 3-4 times in a row ... when u know at least 1.5 times they have shit ... however u are holding Tjo .. ATo and cannot call. I swear I would call with ATs ... however that's a super low fre 4 bet hand.

Then there's the cycle ...u are doubting urself .... am i just not fucking good enough to beat this stake?? .... but my ev shows close to 9bb winner .. However .. U are still on the hot seat... whether u can beat it ... and the losing just feels terrible .. .It's not going my way ...

It's blazer thin .. whether u are a winning player or not ... two or 3 more bad setups or ... 1 tilt hour .. u can go from a modest winner to a breakeven struggler... especially when I'm not a high volume guy.

Pretty sure U A game can beat this new stake ... however .. it does affects u when u run bad or encounter bad situations a row .... Yep .. in a row ... that's what really throw u OFF. One bad set up .. U say, OK ..let's move on ... it's getting UGLY when it happens consectively...

Also the redline .... my A game always have breakeven or positve redline ... However it always cannot avoid 2-3 buyins redline downswing ...for reason u are not so aware of .U have the wishful thinking looking at the graph ... damn what if the redline is just breakeven rather than down ... Did I just auto pilot too much? ..Is it just variance. ..I'm supposed to lose during this period.? .. they just make hands more often that I do now?.. Did I play too SOFT? Did I give em idiiots too much credits?

And why all these all happen at once when I try to MOVE UP? ...

How many times required to knock on the door at a new stake before u firmly establish urself there?.... and never look back!

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