Building a strategy

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Building a strategy

Hello, RIO community! I am another 22 years old trying to learn the great game of poker. My goal is to be able to make living playing it and the purpuse of this journal is to keep me in the right path. I will write here what I study in a regular basis. I wont put much volume for now. When I play it will be with the purpose of practising some new heuristic Ive made and I will be playing 1 or maximum 2 zoom tables of 2nl. In the beggining it will be 1 table because I dont know the preflop play very well and will stop the table to look at the ranges if I am not sure about some hand. I will go for 20-30k hands of 2nl and if my winrate is decent (maybe 7bb/100) I will move up. if I feel I make a good progress I may jump to 25nl. The studying will be looking at gto+ sims and analysing the database for a spot and making heuristics how to play it, but first I will finish the Brokos second book which I started reading today.

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