Busting out the Micros

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Busting out the Micros

Hi all,
I am currently enjoying my essential membership and trying to improve my game. There are some killer graphs and results so feel a bit of a noob posting my results. However, you got to start somewhere. Hoping to update my progress weekly.
I feel like I have been running hot for the first 50K hands and looking for some advice really from the RIO community grinders and sharks. I have posted my 2NL, 5NL, 10NL graphs below and have around $630 bankroll. I have run hot at 10NL and thinking of taking a punt at perhaps 16NL or 25NL but don’t want to mistake a heater for beating a few stakes and false confidence. Fully appreciate my sample size is mega small. It is just I am mindful of the rake being harsh at 10NL and wonder if I should take a shot a little higher or grind out a few thousand hands more at 10NL? If I commit to a little higher, I am quite comfortable losing 10 – 15 buy-ins
Appreciate the feedback. One thing I am trying to work on is opening up my ranges, figured some of my stats are rather nitty?





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