Career Management: Games, Stakes, and Bankroll Decisions

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Career Management: Games, Stakes, and Bankroll Decisions

I have a question for you guys about career management. I play in a small player pool where there are a lot of really strong NL regulars that are better than me, a few huge whales, and some semi fish. Because the player pool is small, there may be 5 or 6 tables running at peak times and at off peak times like 3-6am maybe 0 or 1 tables so a random fish may sit you hu. For PLO, there's a smaller number of games running, but there are some bad regs, maybe 2 or 3 sharks in the whole pool and a decent number of big whales and semi fish.

For the past 2 years I've been playing professionally and have a 633K sample with an overall winrate of 5.63 bb/100
At holdem my overall winrate is 9.3bb/100 over 362K hands and its 10.5 at HU over 124K hands
For PLO my winrate is 1.15 over 262K hands
over 84k hands with 4-6 players on the table my winrate is 9.8 and hu over 123K hands my winrate is -4.5 bb/100.

Because of the small player pool a lot of the plo games are hu and 3 handed and I feel as though these are the better games because the opponents are mostly fish , but theres a lot of variance in these games and my results arent good yet although I'm putting my focus in improving on this format. Also I see my winrate is much higher at holdem yet lately it feels like every holdem table has 4 or 5 sharks that are way better than me, they know gto too well, but PLO seems like a bunch of fishy loose players so I dont feel comfortable playing holdem lately unless its hu vs a fish.
One interesting thing also is that my winrate is 2 times higher at 2/4 to 5/10 than it is at 1/ 2. I think in my player pool there are more grinders at low stakes and random fish taking shots at high stakes. Whats the best way to manage this given I have a 40k roll, need to cash out 8k a month and want to find the sweet spot between taking too much risk and maximizing reward. I generally have just been playing any tables up to 5/10 if I think I have an edge even though this is risky.

In general whats the best way to navigate the waters of cash games given there are so many different ways to go about it, hu, 6 max, plo, nl. What are some good table selection methods or table rejection. I've been noticing that sometimes when you put your name on too many tables across different sites you get bombarded with too many tables then you just autopilot and its hard to get rid of some tables if you think you have an edge. What do you guys think the sweet spot for all of this is. On the surface it looks soo easy some months you can make 30K and the money is flowing, the players seem bad, but overall its about long term yearly profits which haven't been so great, so what kind of mindsets and daily strategies are best to make sure we are focusing on the most profitable situations. How do you incorporate study and getting better into your career. Thanks

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