Change the Desktop Icon, PLEASE!

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Change the Desktop Icon, PLEASE!

Well so I have RIO Poker saved on my Desktop so I can see the icon and I really dislike it for a couple of reasons.

1.) The Colour White:
While it's not bad if some part of the Icon is white I really don't like that the full icon is white. It has the same color like a text document, it's not engaging me in any way. In all honesty when I look at the PokerStars Icon, first of all, it's red so it catches my attention immediately even when I don't look at it, second of all, it engages me so when I see it I see the red spade and then I zoom into the white star and it really makes me want to play poker.

Now on the other hand when I look at the RIO Poker Icon, it's just there but it doesn't engage me.
I'd highly suggest that you make the "R" and the crown red with a black background and maybe some white text that says "RIO".

Maybe without the RIO I dunno...

2.) The size:
The text "Run It Once Poker" is SOO much bigger than the Icon itself like 3 times bigger actually. That's why I really think that you should add a black background to get the proportion of the text to the icon perfectly right.

LIKE and UPVOTE if you agree with me! I can't be the only one that sees it this way!

Visual Clarification:

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