Eat, Sleep, NLHE

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Eat, Sleep, NLHE

Hi everyone!
I decided to start a poker blog where I'll update and keep track of my poker journey. I've been struggling with my mental game lately, so I figured that starting a journal might help me with that. I play 25nl, with break-even results lately, but I believe I should be a solid winner there if I manage to reduce tilt (working on that). I'll try to update journal at least once a week and see if I can manage to achieve my weekly goals, so I will break down those.

Weekly poker related goals:
* 15k hands
* At least 6 hours of study
* Post at least 6 hands on strategy forum
* Comment at least 6 hands on strategy forum

Yearly poker goals:
* Move up to 100nl
* 15k+ profits

Life goals:
* Structure my day-to-day life
* Live more healthy and balanced life
* Less drugs, alcohol, parties

* Hold HS tables :)))

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