Coaching for profits with Nick Howard

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Coaching for profits with Nick Howard

Hello RIO community,
My name is Dimitris and I’m from Greece. I aspire to be a poker professional and I’ve been failing for the last 3 years. I’m a huge Phil Galfond fan, even since when they were calling him a nit on HSP (how little they knew). My interests are focused around computers, gaming, martial arts, poker, numbers, philosophy, reading, alcohol, spiritual stuff and being annoying to other people from time to time. And my cats, I like to annoy them a lot. I could do that for a living. In some of those I’m good (like being annoying), in others not (like poker). I want to believe that I’m not boring. I work hard, sometimes a 5 year old is way more mature than me (my gf and my best friends can definitely confirm that), I’m smart when things are simple and idiot when they are complicated and/or i don't care. I’m full of contradictions. I don’t like noise and my favorite kind of music is metal. I’m a fun of logic but the most irrational person when I tilt. I guess you figured out already why I suck at poker. I’m not consistent and my thought process is chaotic. Last but not least I’m honest and naive. Those last two characteristics are the reasons that I couldn’t realize for 2 years that the coaching for profit programs I’ve been, were keeping me low so they can take some of my profits every month, and of course % of my rake since I was registered under their sub affiliate. Well, not literally THE programs. They guys that run them. I was naive enough to wonder why they don’t let me keep my BR to move up in stakes? Isn’t it better for all of us if I move faster? Why they really avoid private coaching but they focus on group coaching ones? Since they want me to win more(because they’ll get more) why the f* they don’t answer my hands more often and they’re not giving me homework but they treat me and a bunch of different guys exactly the same like we all have the same leaks? Well as I said I was naïve (and tilted for 2 years in a row) and couldn’t understand that they want mainly massive production for as long as possible.

So I was lucky enough to watch one of Nick’s videos expressing his opinion about those programs and I found the balls to e-mail him. I asked him for advice and also what I have to do in order for him to mentor me because I believe that he is capable of dealing with both my mental and technical issues. So the answer I was expecting If I have to be honest was something like “pfffhahahahhahahahahhahah!!!” But he understood my sitiation and he didn’t reject me. He did not promised that I’ll be rich in 1 year as other people do. He really tried to think of an affordable deal for me. Of course I was sure that something is wrong as soon as I read his first e-mail(because he was positive) but since I wasn’t drunk I responded by trying to provide value to him, in order to work together. So someone like Nick, that plays high stakes, and seriously doesn’t have much to gain from me at this moment, made me the best proposal I’ve ever had, willing to help me because he believes that I deserve better than the s* I’ve been delivered so far. Details about the deal will not be written yet, maybe I’ll mention in later posts, I can for sure say that it’s the best Coaching for Profits deal ever for the student. Not only this is the best opportunity of my life, but if something like that is possible, then those guys that charge % of people winnings taking advantage of the claim “you wouldn’t win if I didn’t make you win” should definitely provide a better damn service. Don’t get me wrong, I mostly blame myself. A lot of guys win on their own, and never had any coaching, but what I’m stating is true. 95% of the people that I see succeeding with the “help” of Coaching for Profit programs are already winners or break even players. I know at least 30-40 people that either gave up(like me) either bust their entire roll. Guess what. They were losing players before the program and they remain loosing players. I know max 1-2 guys that used to be losing players and now they’re crushing.

Today I had my first coaching session with Nick which lasted 2 hours. It was for free. We agreed to do it on twitch so more people can see what we’re going to achieve with his help, so more people will benefit from that. At the end of the session some people even thanked me for the fact that I exposed myself and they can learn from Nick pointing on my mistakes/leaks(that was touching I have to admit) even though I didn’t really felt exposed. I thought that it’s the least I can do. Our general plan Is: Nick points, I do. He tells me what to work on, how to work on each aspect of my game, and I just bust my ass off. Simple. We will do some twitch streams more, some private coaching later on, and we’ll keep skype contact where he’ll comment on some of my hands(some of my previous coaches didn’t even do that).

I want to thank nick once more for that unique opportunity he has given to me, to help me change the direction of that graph. I'll update very frequently.

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