Common journal about education | Ac 5h 2s vs Ac 8h 7s | new layout and new ranges!

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Common journal about education | Ac 5h 2s vs Ac 8h 7s | new layout and new ranges!


today I analyzed 7 more Axx board textures and I want to present you two of them:
- Ac 5h 2s
- Ac 8h 7s
Both are rainbow, both are better for a BU range than BB range and at first glance, they are very similar. But as you will see below, connected structures opens a lot more options for BB defense range:

As you can see BB has a big problem to defend here more than 43%. I didn't find hands with good enough equity to continue here with.

From the other hand, 8-7 connection in the second one opens not only a straight draw option with T9 and 65 (and BB has 16 combos of these hand) but also allows BB to call here backdoors with a lot of possibilities to improve on a turn with JTs and J9s. I don't have to say that BB range contains more 8x and 7x combos than 5x and 2x and that's another reason why BB can defend here more.

You may think that maybe it's a big deal that BB defends only 43%, but from the whole spectrum of Axx there would be a boards where BB can defend almost 70% and tomorrow I will post here these kinds of boards.

I hope you like the new layout. If you don't know what ranges did I compare, you can find them below. If you want to see a specific board you can write to me and I will prepare a range on that board for you.

Take care of yourself and see you tomorrow.

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