Complacency is a very dark place

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Complacency is a very dark place

I don’t want to delve a lot on my backstory, unless there is some interest in it. It is painful when I try to recollect my memories and at the same time, I think you are more interested in other things. As I writing, I feel a kind of fear, the fear of being judged which tainted all my life. At the same time I think it will be kinda liberating.
I’m afraid someone is going to tell my that I’m too old, too lazy, too {insert anything you want}. I faced a ton of real adversities in my life that I’m confident that I will rise in the end. My friends have high regards of me and this is encouraging. I have always fought in my life and the desire to fight is still burning inside me.
If we talking about Pareto’s Principle, I focused on the 20 and avoid the 80.
Something gotta change though, I cannot continue to do the same things over and over again and expect a different results

- I’m in my 30s
- Played 2.4M hands at NL25 and NL50 (maybe some reg would recognize me)
- Never moved up because of many reasons, let’s call them excuses caused by lack of clarity
- Lost interest in the game, as you can imagine, since I never moved up and I never improved actually
- I pretty lonely in this poker world, I got really no friends to talk about. I had in the past but I cut them loose since there wasn’t any strategic talking, only complains about bad runs.

What this blog will be about:
- Poker results
- Random (deep) thoughts poker and life related
- My improvements in life

What I will avoid:
- Strategic content (too much of it on the internet, let’s do something different)
- Whines

Thanks for reading and best of luck with your life

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