Complaint about PKW's forced title in the profitable player community

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Complaint about PKW's forced title in the profitable player community

This is the case. On the morning of May 6, I was told that my PKW account was frozen and found that not only my account, but the entire community was frozen. At that time, PKW gave me the response to check the robot and the gang. After 10 o'clock this morning, I was told that the so-called "community routine review" had been completed, but my own high-level account in PKW was not unfrozen. After asking the customer service, I was told a ridiculous reason, because I used vpn, so I frozen my account. I know that before pkw sealed all foreign ips, and then banned the use of vpn, but also to prevent gangs, but as a Chinese player, open vpn will not be able to get on the table, the reason they give me is just my use of vpn Playing the game, and they are not willing to come up with the corresponding evidence, "according to the system verification" is their only rhetoric. I am curious as to why I suddenly "routinely check" my community, and why I have frozen my account with such a strong reason without finding a robot and a gang. I can be sure that I have never used vpn to play games. Even if it is mistakenly opened, it is definitely not the norm. My IP should be fixed at 99%. The only reason I can think of suddenly freezing my community and account is because my community probably earned 1000Krmb last month, maybe PKW thinks Not normal, then forced to freeze my account after 4 days of review without any evidence of dry goods to prove that I violated the rules, I have to wonder if this is PKW is forcibly expelling profitable players. After that, the complaint I sent to the PKW Review Team was basically automatically replied. I didn't even see what I said in the email and I didn't give any evidence. On an anonymous platform, it is very horrible to happen. The interaction between PKW and the player is horrible. The customer service is like a robotic reply. Now I can only hope that the community can give me some support, because such things happen to me today, and it may happen to you tomorrow, with some emails exchanged with PKW.
For details of the event and related pictures, please see some of my posts below.

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