consistent learner (30 days challenge)

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consistent learner (30 days challenge)

Hey RIO-community!

This is new attempt to take my poker-jouney a bit more seriously. I'm new to this side and forum. Started the "from the ground up" course a few weeks ago. The last months I wasn't sure where I'm heading with my game and so I thought this blog/journal activity could be my next 30day-challenge. If I like the experience - maybe I continue doing it this way.

My rules:
1) Post an interesting hand every playing-day (into the forum and the link into the journal).
2) No two days in a row without posting something into the journal (whether something about mindset, sessions, videos i watched, hands or other interesting stuff).
3) Have consistent updates on weekly/monthly poker-results.

My approach:
1) Start on NL10 and we will see where this is heading.
2) Take your time to make decisions and don't do auto-click-c-game-bullsh*t.
3) Stay mindful about progressing towards a better poker player.

... my motiviation came from Henry Lister's blog ( and I was writing a blog back then on poker-strategy. So this is my own, new "english" attempt - and I hope you will apologize if my english is not the finest.

About me:
I'm just a normal 23 years old guy from germany, who is playing this game over 7 years now and for like 3 years seriously. I would call me a semi-professional, because I'm playing like every day, but because Poker isn't my main-focus I wasn't able to make big steps towards the highest limits. I'm a student for social work with takes time as well and has a higher priority than poker. For more impressions of my life-journey you can check out my instagram: click here

My setup:
Here you are seeing my set-up. If you have questions about it, feel free to ask them!

My updates:

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