Cooler or a spew?

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Cooler or a spew?

$44 Sunday Marathon

-UTG limps off 100bb
-Folds to the button(reg) 3x's off 100bb.
-SB flats off 100bb
-Hero 4x 3bets off 70bb in the BB with QQ
-UTG folds, button 4bet jams, sb folds

OK, so we know utg is a fish, nobody is concerned with him. Button can be isolating pretty wide here, hence my 3bet. Since the the button is a decent reg too I would be expecting him to call my 3bet in position with plenty of worse hands-suited cons, suited Ax hands, 2s-JJ, broadway etc so I am also 3betting for value.
When he 4bet rips I am essentially dead, right? He is never 4bet jamming JJ this deep or AK this deep so its KK/AA. I know its sick to 3b fold QQ btn v blinds especially taking into account he was iso'ing a limper in the first place but 3b fold is the right move here isn't it? A large part of the reason I called (and lost to KK) was I was watching Doug Polk is a video recently saying he is happy to play for 100bb in a button v blinds situation with AK....if he's happy here with AK surely QQ is good enough?
Apologies for long rantish post,

Appreciate any feedback,


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