Corona lockdown grind.

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Corona lockdown grind.

Hello run it once

Im starting this short term blog in an effort to motivate me to get some hands in during this corona lockdown.

Who am i?*
I'm 27 years old, and have been playing poker on and off since i was 17. I have never been good but have managed to have consecutive years with profits from micro tournaments during my studies (around 3-5k$/a year) and have also been winning in cg below NL25 and Hu SNG up to 15$.

After a long break my motivation came back last month, and i have had pretty satisfying results in CG and extremely bad results in tournaments.

As a full time worker and first time father to my son of 4 months, i'm a very low volume grinder, and i have no aspirations to someday become a pro, i solely play poker because i enjoy it.

Atm i work from home, which saves me about 2 hours of transport time each day, and due to the current situation i avoid social gatherings which frees up a lot of time, and i have therefore decided to make this blog which will last until the 30th march where i will return to the office.

I will be playing NL25z which i normally 2-table. So far i have played 4104 hands this month and my goal before the 30th is to play 10.000 hands more which would put my total of hands this month to 14104

I know this is a low number compared to a lot of the other blogs i enjoy to read, but it will be a challenging volume for me. I hope you will follow me this next 2 weeks, and i hope that you will likewise share your proces and results of your corona lockdown grind!

Some graphs



Good luck at the tables everybody!

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