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dddog From Pleb to Celeb

[pleb] /plɛb/ a member of the plebs; a plebeian or commoner.
[ce·leb·ri·ty] /səˈlebrədē/ a famous person.

To reach Celeb:
1. Top 3-5 Top 5 all time members RIO
2. Get Video reviewed
3. Start Twitch Channel (maybe)
4. Shot take 400Nl (complete BR Challenge)

-1/2 pretty straightforward, have no plans to succeed past 3 out of respect for greats, and grinding ♥'s is hard work. Also am going back to work so time will be very limited until next winter.
- 3 is meeehh
-4 :D

Get Rich or Go Busto Trying!!

The Great BankRoll Challenge
BRM Challenge
Didnt want to start this at first because I knew the poker police would be all over me.
Last month aprox 30 days ago I started a BR Challenge. I started with 30 buyins for 100, and 5 buy ins for 200nl (shots)
Yes very aggressive!!
Goal: Shot take 400Nl with a 40 buyin roll for 200, and 5 buyins for 400.

-For all the math wizards --> Goal : 10K -Made first withdrawal and proceed to go almost 20 buy in down swing... -The results seems very good!!!, but I have made many spews and stupid mistake, and now I can be **Greater**

Disclaimer I dont recommend being so aggressive with roll
GO DOg!!


( Red point shows where I made cash out, cash out curse real???)

Other part of Bankroll which I plan on investing in Bitcoin, so I can play on random Bitcoin sites. 1-2 more tables to add to Bovada grind to up hourly.

( will repost from time to time)
BR= 7.1K/10K

Long Term Goals!!
1. Bovada Nose Bleeds
2. Have to move abroad to play bigger games
3. Sit with OTB, Kanu, other 6max gods un-challenged at 100/200 200/400NL
4. Family always first
5.Live healthy and balanced in all aspects of life

A little tid bit about me

Hey guys, figured I would use my first entry to tell you all a little bit about me. Born and raised in the USA, I am a father of 2 beautiful teenage daughter and a 12 year old son. I work in the construction field operating heavy equipment for a landscape construction contractor. My job is very laid back and relaxed, my foremen has a found love for malted cereal grains, flavored with hops and fermented to perfection. Some times it drives me crazy, but it gives me plenty of time to watch poker videos at work. The work is seasonal, which is nice for me because I get laid off with benefits and have plenty of time to play poker.

On to the Poker

I have recently gotten back into the game after a lengthy break. I was involved in a stake last year, and honestly staking wasn't my cup of tee. I ran pretty bad through out the stake, emotions accumulated, never where resolved, reporting and focusing on results did not help me. At one point I was deeeeep into makeup, it was a very dark place for me. I didn't want to play, I would enter a hand and expect to lose. At one point I felt like I was manifesting my own bad luck. Anyway I manage to get out of makeup and have a month where my backer and I where able to make a split. I didn't want to put volume in, was affraid to go back into make up, and dreaded the idea of playing. To make a long story short I hit a stop loss soon after that and snap quit the stake. I wasn't playing poker anymore, I was clicking buttons.

Also been working with a buddy of mine

more to come ;D

Feel the dddogkillah experience on twitter
Come follow dddogkillah on Twitch

All followers are greatly appreciated and dont go unnoticed!
I plan to spend quite some time on Run it Once this year, im sure everyone has noticed.
Thanks to anyone who has made it this far!!!

Kill it folks!!

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Any supporters so far
Tank you very much!!!

more to come...

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