Dedication to Growth: Prioritizing a Growth Mindset in 2018

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Dedication to Growth: Prioritizing a Growth Mindset in 2018

My underlying interest in this journal is to explore how dedication to a Growth Mindset will lead to more fulfillment and stronger results in poker. A growth mindset focuses on the importance of effort, improvement, and learning, while a fixed mindset believes our abilities are already set in stone. I'll be reading Mindset by Carol Dweck and summarizing the chapters as I go along.

Purpose: I've been playing poker for ~10 years and finally graduated from college after going part time for 6 years. I got a degree in film, work as a videographer/filmmaker on the side, and am using poker to save for a big move to Los Angeles with my girlfriend in 15 months. I don't know when poker (if ever) will be totally over for me, but moving to LA will more or less pass the baton. The time is now for me to save as much as I can while my costs are low and my time is free.

Why This: I need to focus on my mental game. My tactics are solid, study sessions are strong and well-focused, but I've been feeling really stressed while playing despite putting up a good year in poker. I recently read The Art of Learning and got into Carol Dweck's research. I feel inspired to invest totally in mental game and trust that'll it work out.

*Read Mindset and takes notes on each chapter
*End each day with the question, "How did I progress?"
*Become a champion

I'm choosing "Become a champion" because I don't want to set a monetary goal, but I'd like to pursue something that encourages a resilient attitude, acknowledges that this is a competition, and prompts me to reach for being exceptional.

I'll also periodically be streaming at Mods said it'd be okay to post a twitch link as long I'm providing value, and I hope this thread in general will be valuable and worthwhile. I'm currently playing 100nl 6-max.


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